Bookmark Flash

Bookmark Flash 3.6

A unique program to manage all your bookmarks


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works with all browsers
  • Note-taking and password features


  • Notifications are redundant


Bookmark Flash is a tool that organizes your bookmarks for use in any browser.

If you tend to compulsively bookmark any site that catches your interest, you probably know how quickly the number of bookmarks you end up amassing can get overwhelming. Chances are that you also use multiple browsers. You could have some bookmarks saved on one browser and others saved on another. This can quickly become an organizational mess.

Bookmark Flash can help you fix that issue. Marketed as a "4 in 1 Super Internet Utility," Bookmark Flash is a lightweight and easy to use tool that first and foremost helps organize your bookmarks across browsers. In addition, Bookmark Flash is a portable tool, meaning your bookmarks can go with you on a flash drive as well.

On top of its bookmarking capabilities, Bookmark Flash can also share your auto-fill preferences and website logins across browsers. It can also serve as note-taking software, which is great for anyone needing to do research and take notes while browsing sources online. Lastly, it offers a text insertion option as well.

There aren't a whole lot of advanced features in Bookmark Flash, but what it lacks in options it makes up for in its useful "4 in 1" features. The only potential downside is sometimes this utility's repeated notifications can get annoying and redundant.

Bookmark Flash is a great way to manage your bookmarks and favorites across browsers, with a few additional great features.

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